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Meet Our Experts...

Over 150 subject trainers in tech entrepreneurship development

Gustavo Liu

Mindset & Business

  • Founder & CEO of Rescale Lab

  • 11 years in Private Banking with UOB Bank, HSBC Bank and Citibank

  • Lead Instructor for the Masters of Science in Venture Creation at the National University of Singapore.

  • TedX keynote speaker 2021 on Structured Entrepreneurship Development


Sundara Raja

AI-Driven Business Strategies

  • A*star, R&D Lead Engineer

  • RescaleLab Technical Advisor Lead

  • Wealth of experience in steering organizations towards sustainable growth through the strategic integration of cutting-edge technologies (AI/ML)

  • Entrepreneurial mindset and a keen ability to translate complex technical concepts into tangible business value


Patrick Ng

IP & Defensibility

  • Help enterprises identify innovation opportunities and build better products

  • Head of R&D at a multinational enterprise, innovation strategist

  • Singapore Certified Management Consultant

  • 12 Patents Cybersecurity protocol, thermal modelling, chiller plants optimization, etc.

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Matt Chiu

New Product Development

  • Award Winner of the SG Good Mark 2022 (Experience Design)

  • Founder of Imagene Creative Pte Ltd

  • Resident Design Thinking Facilitator at SUTD Academy

  • Lead Trainer of various Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping workshops (Includes SMU, SUTD and several MOE schools)

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Shikharesh Das

Training Focus

  • Founder: Ontogenix Singapore - a company focused on Innovation.

  • Vertical specialisation: MedTech & Digital Health.

  • Global MNC Experience with Commercialisation & Growth as Director with GE Healthcare and Philips.

  • Instructor with NUS, NTU, Berkeley for Lean launchpad and JumpStart; Centrified Singapore Management Consultant.

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Xu Guolin

MedTech & HealthTech 

  • Co-founder and VP of Akribis Systems and Director of Arogi Healthcare

  • PhD in Medical Devices

  • M.Eng BioMEMS &  B.Eng Mechatronics

  • Over 40 years of combined experience in research and running businesses

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Hock Meng Yew

Financials & Valuations

  • ST Electronics, R&D Lead Engineer

  • Telecommunication System Consultant, Motorola Electronics

  • Director, LGA Telecom Pte Ltd

  • Founder, Wonwey Pte Ltd

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Massimo Spina

Technology & Pitching

  • Founder of ReActo / Senior Research Fellow NUS

  • PhD in Applied Physics, Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials

  • 12 years in R&D from early stage up to commercialization

  • Global Cleantech & Energy pitch champion at the largest sustainability start-up competition in the world

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Phillip Hilton

Global Sales Development 

  • Board Advisor for Sekur Private Data (CSE: SKUR). Consultant for PaladinSec Blockchain security and AOPG.

  • Top 3 global sales performer 3 years in a row at Zerto.

  • Raised 10 million USD(CA 13 million) for GlobeX Data(now Sekur).

  • Early stage business development for innovation and enterprise IT.

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