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The RescaleLab Experience

RescaleLab is a boutique consulting firm with over 7-years of expertise in providing end-to-end entrepreneurship & innovation solutions, backed by 150+ experts from diverse industry domains and a proprietary AI-powered platform. 

Here is a peak of a 6 months masters course we helped a top academic institution deploy -->

Our Logo & Purpose


Our mission is to empower our 6 S's: Students, Startups, Scientists, SMEs, Social Innovators, and Second Chances to make the impossible into possible, like balancing two pyramids in defiance of gravity, all to be achieved before their passion —the red sand—runs out.

We commit to stand as the driving force behind their resilience and growth, represented by the hexagon shape and colour green found in nature.

Our Founder's Message

RescaleLab was, born out of the collective passion from expert change makers to lay the foundations for the future of work, with a simple yet powerful mission of transforming “entrepreneurial innovation”.  We spent the past 7 years continuously supporting Corporations, Research and Learning Institutions of all sizes across the world.

We are absolutely committed to building innovative and entrepreneurial solutions for organizations to rescale the next generation of problem solvers!

Gustavo Liu, Founder & CEO


Why Us


Our Mission

To accelerate the development of training programs while measuring the retention and application of program information for each individual and team.


Our Vision

To transform the learning ecosystem, by empowering professionals with radical technology capabilities and drive long-term impact.

As Featured in

Rescaling Entrepreneurial Innovation 

Our team of 25+ professionals brings a wealth of experience and expertise in R&D, innovation management, industrial specializations, and journal publications.

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