What is RescaleLab?

RescaleLab has a 7-year track record in applied, outcome-based and experiential learning programs at esteemed universities and corporations. Our team is diverse, featuring software developers, program facilitators, and mentors specializing in entrepreneurship, mindset transformation, and technology innovation.

Operating on a SaaS data-driven approach, RescaleLab excels in delivering and managing complex learning program experiences. Our commitment to customization and adaptability empowers both educators and learners for enriched learning journeys and superior outcomes.

Our Logo

The hourglass symbolizes the passage of time, with its red sand representing ‘passion’ and its connection to the limited time we have to make a positive impact.

Our community consists of the 6 S’s (Students, Startups, Scientists, SMEs, Social Innovators, and Second Chances) collectively shaping the future of work. RescaleLab aims to be the catalyst for their strength, resilience, and growth, represented by the color green and the hexagon shape, signifying nature’s robustness.

Our Founder’s Message


RescaleLab is a Learning Experience Platform (LXP), born out of the collective feedback from passionate educators wanting to close the Teaching-Learning Gap, with a simple yet powerful mission of “leaving zero students behind”.

Over the past 7 years, we continuously supported Learning Leaders at organizations of all sizes across the world. We are absolutely dedicated to empowering learning professionals to achieve more with less. Join us in this journey of building skills enablement technologies for the next generation of leaders!

Why Us

Our Mission

To accelerate the development of training curriculum by using subject expert content and AI support tools, while measuring the retention and application of program information for each individual or team.

Our Vision

To revolutionize the learning ecosystem, by empowering professionals with technology capabilities and drive better learning outcomes.

The Team Driving Global Changes in Learning

We are a skilled team at RescaleLab, bringing expertise in software development, program facilitation, and mentorship in entrepreneurship and technology. With a 7-year track record, our commitment is to craft exceptional learning experiences. Together, we passionately collaborate to ensure the success of our partners and learners.

Gustavo Liu


David Ward

Business & Product

Dennis Poh


Wilson Lee

Platform Success Manager

Kenneth Hu


Khalis Rahman

Software Engineer

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