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Whether you’re training your staff, partners or students, we believe in driving transformation elevating learning through interactive and immersive learning experiences.

Innovation Enabling

Technology is being developed at an unprecedented rate globally, We enable innovation by enabling companies to adopt critical technology to showcase their uniqueness and achieve their business objective. Being based in Singapore, we are well positioned to nurture startups with our network our government agencies, learning institutions and corporate partners to foster collaboration and help accelerate startups.

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Our team has been passionate as always in delivering the curated training programs and workshops, doing our part to ensure continuous growth and vibrancy in the learning & development across academia, corporate and government sectors.

Supporting Institutions

We are elated to have achieved early success from many of our use cases, delivering our bespoke lesson plans and curriculum, supporting Higher Education, Corporate Leadership and Startup Communities to accomplish the learning objectives by first identifying critical gaps and key challenges.

We believe in delivering our content with a touch of difference by using gamification and leveraging on proven methodologies to challenge the status quo hence creating new paths for growth and progression in elevated learning.

We believe that learning should be engaging, interactive, immersive and the retention of knowledge and direct application remain our top priority.


Creating a Tech Startup

The development trajectory of a tech business is full of mishaps which require you to be both agile and greatly prepared to build on a strong idea, choose your market, develop your proposal, assemble a team worthy of the task in hand, and finding financing.

Launching an Innovative Business

Establishing an entrepreneurial mindset and skill sets, indicators of innovation opportunities, critical steps to bring innovations to the marketplace, and innovation strategies to establish and maintain a competitive advantage.

Virtual Team Building

With our Virtual Team Building experiences, stay engaged and connected with your colleagues, family, friends and more in the comfort of your own home. This 1 – 1.5 hours session is guaranteed to blow your mind! Teams are guided by our professional facilitators through different experiences to keep the energy going. Everyone in the team will be actively engaged and involved throughout the activity. Fun and excitement await!

Mastery of Salesmanship Vs Showmanship

A sales program challenges the status quo by understanding the knowledge and application skills to amplify personal image, performance, and showmanship skills to empower professional delivery and achieve results.

Personal Excellence Fulfilment

Using powerful strategies and techniques, the individuals first learn to adopt the initiatives, eliminating limitations follow by implementing the applications to achieve results and objectives.

Critical & Strategic Thinking

Using proven methodologies, participants will be equipped with tools to develop critical thinking techniques, strategic and problem-solving skills and adopt the techniques of effective decision making.

Art of Negotiation

The art of negotiation comes into play in our daily. Learners will explore effective approaches to negotiation methodologies and tactics used. Good negotiators are made, not born. Approaching negotiation with thorough planning and effective tactics can ignificantly boost the desired outcome.

Cultivating A Positive Mindset Practicing Positive Thinking

Many times, we became our very own obstacles due to indulgence in a negative mindset. With the right tools and mindset, our goals and objectives can become our reality. In this workshop, learners will focus on the methods of advancing towards achieving the goals by identifying potential pitfalls that could prevent them from reaching those milestones and adopt self-mastery with a strong positive attitude and resilience.

Public Speaking

Some individuals may become uncomfortable and flummoxed when being tasked to deliver a public speech. Being a proficient orator comes with many advantages whether in work or personal life. This course ignites the understanding and confidence of the participants with lesson plans to develop and deliver vibrant, compelling presentations.

Digital Transformation

This course is appropriate for learners with a basic familiarity with standard business terms and concepts and an interest in digital technology.

Suitable for anyone interested in driving digital transformation by integrating automation, software, and cutting-edge technologies and understanding how these technologies may be applied as a competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

Change Management

This course trains you to combine strategic planning and effective implementation to adapt to abrupt changes in the business environment. This course shows you how to motivate people effectively through corporate culture or organisational change while focusing on developing the critical skills needed to manage change effectively in the workplace.

Organization Development

This course introduces the discipline of Organizational Development; it provides an overview of how an Organizational Development specialist plans and implements interventions to create interpersonal, group, intergroup, or organisation-wide change.

This enlightening program will teach you a systems approach and evidence-based data strategies to address performance gaps and initiate and sustain meaningful organisational change. You will also gain essential knowledge of the history of corporate development and the tools used to diagnose an organisation’s effectiveness.

Executive Leadership

The program provides you with the critical skills to lead your organisation to success through personal effectiveness, leading strategies development and implementation, managing change in a diverse, challenging and rapidly evolving business environment, communicating effectively and developing talents. It is a dedicated programme for leaders and high-potential managers to enhance their ability to manage with competence and lead for personal and organisational success.


A successful team may be portrayed as a trained, collaborative, productive and engaged team that enjoys working together to achieve a common goal. Through our trainer’s expertise and practical knowledge, you can successfully define the critical concepts associated with teamwork and team building and apply teamwork principles to work with others toward a common objective.

Customer Stories

RescaleLab is an innovative, resource efficiency and optimisation platform for the venture-building ecosystem, built by passionate founders who are active in the space themselves. I've been a user of it since 2020 and will continue to do so.

Bree Yek

Founder Carb0n.fi and mentor for sustainability startups

RescaleLab platform helps me organise the comments and notes for multiple startups in my care. Sharing my notes and recommendation is with the team is made easy as we discuss and collaborate over this tool.

Patrick Ng

Innovation Director and Founder of Spark Launchpad and instructor for venture creation and entrepreneurship

The platform tracks students work intelligently and timely to empower mentors with marking and guiding on milestones.

James Ho

Senior Director at Stratacache. Harvard Business School alum and mentor

RescaleLab is an awesome tool for managing an startup's progress.

Ryan Goh

Director of Advisory at Forbis and business for startup accelerators

RescaleLab is an awesome venture creation management platform that helps me to bring all my mentees together to reach our goals faster.

Hock Meng Yew

Consultant and instructor for entrepreneurship and startups at NUS

The RescaleLab platform provides us with a digital fabric that connects our Founder teams with our tailored educational content. It enables real-time mentorship with unique data insights and personalized intelligence that we leverage to ensure our start-ups have a high chance of success.

Llewellan Vance

Huawei Cloud Startup Ecosystem Lead

RescaleLab helps to simplify tedious and complex management tasks in managing startup teams.

Aaron Tan

Group Chief Architect at ATD and Software Architect Instructor

RescaleLab builds a beautiful bridge between trainers and trainees, closing the gaps in often found in corporate training. I am a fervent believer and user of Rescale Lab for all my trainees and students since 2020 and will continue to do so even more moving forward.

Jose He

Founder of Huang He Group Asia and Lead instructor for leadership mindset

RescaleLab make resources easily accessible, and we can connect to the instructors conveniently through the platform to get their feedbacks

RescaleLab has built a web system to improve the communication between students and mentors, track the progress of each group and analyze the status of each group in real-time to provide timely support. The system has a variety of functions to bring group members closer to each other and to better promote the completion of group tasks…

Moran Liang

A team member from MSVC, Student

I have been using RescaleLab for 6 months so far. In that time, it has seen our project go from an idea to a company that we can showcase to investors. Without such a SaaS system, we would spend twice as much time in team cooperation. And team progress tracking allows our mentors to give us timely advice.

Morgan Guan

A team member from MSVC with multiple patents, Student

RescaleLab alleviated a lot of my administrative burdens when I was mentoring NUS students. Not only did the platform tracked the progress and submissions of teams, it also enabled me to provide feedbacks for each milestone and communicate with other mentors and instructors easily. Overall, it's easy to use and a great tool for educators, mentors and students.

Amanda Lim

KAT Asia and startup mentor

RescaleLab’s innovative platform provides notes, recommendations for all startup team members. The platform is able to provide quantitative data for monitoring progress of a startups. Using the platform, mentors from wide range backgrounds with different individual teaching methods are able to guide same startup team effectively.

Xu Guolin

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