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The RescaleLab Platform is built to empower educators and drive greater results for students no matter where you are in the world. This means we are seeking operational partners interested in harnessing the benefits of our world-class leading SaaS Platform to help deliver the future of education in your region.

Empowering EdTech Growth Through Global Licensing Opportunities

• RescaleLab (a subsidiary of EAT Launchpad) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) business that supports the growth of Edtech training for organizations, corporate or educational, aiming to improve learning processes and retention success in their training programs.

• We operate in both direct markets and through a licensing model, enabling others to utilize our ‘Advanced Measured Learning Platform’ and our LLM based Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) “R:Ai” AI tools, extending the RescaleLab system to those seeking enhanced results.

• We offer licensing opportunities for RescaleLab services globally. Explore the possibility of owning a SaaS-based Ed-Tech business in your area, complete with comprehensive training and support from our learning community.

Features of RescaleLab Licensing

Teaching Methods Deployment

License partners use our proprietary teaching methods to build their operations in a given territory, city or country.

AI Content Licensing

All partners can license our LLM based Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) “R:Ai” AI tools to bring all of the proven methods, tools of the platform to new clients and customers in a specific market or territory.

Software Platform Subscription

This allows corporate partners to license our SaaS software platform to deliver their own content-driven in-house training and follow the proprietary processes and teaching methodologies that the RescaleLab platform offers.

What to expect as a RescaleLab Licensee:

• Train the Trainer Program: Gain a deep understanding of new venture creation and our training products, services, and their impact on organizations and ecosystems.

• Operational Training: Learn the ins and outs of managing your license operations, from setting up processes to day-to-day operations.

• Marketing Strategies: Discover effective marketing techniques and strategies tailored to relevant industries.

• B2B Customer Engagement: Learn how to build and maintain strong relationships with program owners to champion further businesses.

• Technology Integration: Understand how to leverage technology for accountability, insights, and competitive outcomes.

• Financial Management: Get insights into efficiently managing the financial aspects of your license business.

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