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Problems with Traditional Learning

  • Traditional learning struggles with a low 15% retention rate, indicating a significant challenge in effectively retaining taught information

  • Most e-learning faces a considerable 90% dropout rate, suggesting issues with engagement and completion for online courses

  • Traditional learning tends to prioritize information provision over fostering effective learning, potentially hindering understanding and application

Addressing the Retention Issue

✅ Retention-Focused Education:

RescaleLab addresses the shortcomings of traditional learning by prioritizing effective learning over information provision, significantly reducing dropout rates.

What is the Problem:

85% of information shared is lost in traditional classroom setting while e-learning (self-directed learning) was hailed to be a saviour for learning requirements, but this industry is suffering from 90% drop-out rate.

What is the Solution: Personalized and Flexible Learning

What sets RescaleLab apart is its commitment to effective and inclusive learning. The system is designed to cater to individual needs, rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach, and monitors and measures the individual or team performance throughout the learning experience.

Why Choose RescaleLab

An Educational Bridge

Our platform operates as a hybrid bridge between traditional classroom learning processes of the past and experiential learning techniques being developed as the future of education. Resulting in highly effective learning available today.

Personalised Learning

Tailoring learning to individual needs for both trainers and learners. Our platform fosters a dynamic and engaging journey that empowers both sides of the learning equation with enhanced curriculum creation and drastically improve information shared retention levels.

AI Integration

AI is not enough to provide all the necessary tools needed to support an educational journey. We built our own LLM based on Reinforced Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) and more than 30 years of curriculum and training expertise, resulting in a unique and proprietary AI assistive tool.

Testimonials from Trainers

RescaleLab is an innovative, resource efficiency and optimisation platform for the venture-building ecosystem, built by passionate founders who are active in the space themselves. I've been a user of it since 2020 and will continue to do so.

Bree Yek

Founder and mentor for sustainability startups

RescaleLab platform helps me organise the comments and notes for multiple startups in my care. Sharing my notes and recommendation is with the team is made easy as we discuss and collaborate over this tool.

Patrick Ng

Innovation Director and Founder of Spark Launchpad and instructor for venture creation and entrepreneurship

The platform tracks students work intelligently and timely to empower mentors with marking and guiding on milestones.

James Ho

Senior Director at Stratacache. Harvard Business School alum and mentor

RescaleLab is an awesome tool for managing an startup's progress.

Ryan Goh

Director of Advisory at Forbis and business for startup accelerators

RescaleLab is an awesome venture creation management platform that helps me to bring all my mentees together to reach our goals faster.

Hock Meng Yew

Consultant and instructor for entrepreneurship and startups at NUS

The RescaleLab platform provides us with a digital fabric that connects our Founder teams with our tailored educational content. It enables real-time mentorship with unique data insights and personalized intelligence that we leverage to ensure our start-ups have a high chance of success.

Llewellan Vance

Huawei Cloud Startup Ecosystem Lead

RescaleLab helps to simplify tedious and complex management tasks in managing startup teams.

Aaron Tan

Group Chief Architect at ATD and Software Architect Instructor

RescaleLab builds a beautiful bridge between trainers and trainees, closing the gaps in often found in corporate training. I am a fervent believer and user of Rescale Lab for all my trainees and students since 2020 and will continue to do so even more moving forward.

Jose He

Founder of Huang He Group Asia and Lead instructor for leadership mindset

RescaleLab make resources easily accessible, and we can connect to the instructors conveniently through the platform to get their feedbacks

RescaleLab has built a web system to improve the communication between students and mentors, track the progress of each group and analyze the status of each group in real-time to provide timely support. The system has a variety of functions to bring group members closer to each other and to better promote the completion of group tasks…

Moran Liang

A team member from MSVC, Student

I have been using RescaleLab for 6 months so far. In that time, it has seen our project go from an idea to a company that we can showcase to investors. Without such a SaaS system, we would spend twice as much time in team cooperation. And team progress tracking allows our mentors to give us timely advice.

Morgan Guan

A team member from MSVC with multiple patents, Student

RescaleLab alleviated a lot of my administrative burdens when I was mentoring NUS students. Not only did the platform tracked the progress and submissions of teams, it also enabled me to provide feedbacks for each milestone and communicate with other mentors and instructors easily. Overall, it's easy to use and a great tool for educators, mentors and students.

Amanda Lim

KAT Asia and startup mentor

RescaleLab’s innovative platform provides notes, recommendations for all startup team members. The platform is able to provide quantitative data for monitoring progress of a startups. Using the platform, mentors from wide range backgrounds with different individual teaching methods are able to guide same startup team effectively.

Xu Guolin

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